Dear Readers

I’m writing you this to ask you to read a true story I’ve written (one that will probably continue to evolve.) The story is basically about the last years of my parents’ lives; conned by my brothers; robbed of their dignity and their monetary assets; forced into a nursing home against their will; my involvement; thoughts, feelings, regrets, etc. I’m asking for your advice. Is this an appropriate site for my story; would it be appropriate to publicly put on the “net” ? Is the title “my brothers raped my parents, but I killed them” too extreme; bizarre. My purpose for writing such a story is many fold. First, it’s a kind of therapy for me – somewhat like a support group. But, I’ve also written it with the hope that people will gleam out some valid observations; such as, a flawed legal system; the prevalence of poor care in most nursing homes; elder abuse, sibling rivalry, etc. Conversely, I hope you see in it that I cared for and loved my parents; made every effort I was aware of to “save” them. I’d like your input and advice – again, is this whole “thing” appropriate? Are there more appropriate sites? Is this story readable, interesting, informative, or just boring drivel? You are all knowledgeable, astute people. Some have written professionally. I’ll really appreciate your candidness; honest observations and criticisms. Those of you who’ve known me well and my nuclear family may have viewpoints from a different angle. I know it may read like a “slam” against my brothers, but I’m constantly obsessed with what was going thru their minds when they conned and eventually put my parents in a nursing home. With, what did I do to receive such treatment from them. I would understand if I’d been the “bad” brother who stole their money or clothes; trashed their cars; cheated with their girlfriends, etc. Why would they  want to treat me with disrespect and intentionally ignored my requests and desires. What subliminal or covert implications might you see in my role in this story?

Please leave a comment below or contact me by email.

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