Dr. Jim & Molly “raped” and the story that needs to be told


If this was your mother what would you do?


Bob, Tom, Mark – why did you force me in here?


They said she fell down?

pic08 pic09This site is dedicated totwo wonderful people and the lives that they lived. Thanks for coming. To read the full story, just click here


One thought on “Dr. Jim & Molly “raped” and the story that needs to be told

  1. Wow–seeing the photos of how your mom was treated in that so-called “nursing home” was absolutely horrific. I am so sorry John. But i must say the photo of your dad with the question was very powerful. In many ways these images of what happened to your folks says it all. I hope that your blog will encourage others to break their silence on witnessing similar events and perhaps now document them. There are no spaces that i know of where violence against elders can be discussed. It’s so invisible and taboo. Thank you for having the courage to break the silence and to create a blog in which the invisible can now be visible and the unspeakable can be spoken. I hope this inspires others to advocate for elders’ rights. You have certainly inspired me.

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